On-the-Go Breakfast: Egg on avocado toast
Cooking for the Quarantine - Day 2

Quarantine Life - Healthy Cooking at Home

So our county has been hit with a shelter-in-place order and while Bob and I usually cook at home (we only go out to eat when we are feeling lazy), we haven't been mindful about our cooking. We simply pulled something out of the freezer, cooked it, and put some veggies in the oven to roast or make a salad, and called it a meal.

Now that we are home quarantining together we have been spending lots of time in the kitchen. We're eating healthy, balanced diets made up of organic, whole foods.

Fresh baked bread
Fresh out of the oven - baked bread

In Quarantine, Day 1

We started on Monday with eggs and toast made from a loaf of bread that Bob set up to rise overnight and baked in the morning. That's for sandwiches for lunches and toast with breakfast.

I've been making recipes from a book called "Raw Recipes for a Modern Vegetarian Lifestyle," by Solla Eríksdottír. Although the title of the book is "Raw," several of the recipes have cooked ingredients.

Sweet & Savory

My favorite recipe out of the book is a savory, silky beet and sweet potato soup. Made with coconut milk, it has warming spices like ground turmeric, cayenne, and cumin. This has been my go-to soup, particularly because the weather here has become cold and dreary.

Beautiful Salads

There are salads (kale with broccoli and baked beets or a salad on the go, which I just adore), along with the dressings to go along with them. Some of these recipes we make as a side dish to a meat protein, some of them we go to when we're feeling like eating a vegan or vegetarian meal.

I truly love this book. It has recipes for healthy energizing drinks, snackables, and desserts that will make you not miss your chocolate cake, along with gorgeous large format photos of Solla Eríksdottír's native country, Iceland. It helps bring variety to our diet while we spend time at home, waiting for the next stage in quarantine.

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